These are frequently asked questions. Please read these before contacting us.

All the credits generated with our IMVU credits generator are indistinguishable from original bought credits. If you don’t add more than 100,000 credits to your account per day, it is completely safe.

Yes, it can be done from any device which has internet connection. For faster results, make sure that your device is connected to WI-FI.

We have tested this on many accounts and never had any issues with accounts getting banned or suspended. You can always create a new account for getting IMVU free credits to it.

You can add as much credits as you want – but as already mentioned, we don’t recommend adding more than 100k per day.

Hosting the servers, keeping up with IMVU security updates is hard and expensive. We use offers from our sponsors to raise the required money to pay for these services. It’s also a great way to protect our generator from fake bot traffic.

We made this website because we believe that all IMVU players should have equal rights despite their willingness to spend the money on this game or not.